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4.3L MPI Seacore 220HP Bravo Config - Engine Only - New

4.3L MPI Seacore 220HP Bravo Config - Engine Only - New

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This 220 hp 4.3 Liter V-6 is the perfect power choice for everything from today’s runabouts and pontoons to cruisers. There’s an abundance of torque on tap thanks to our precise electronic Multiport Fuel Injection. With SmartCraft integrated technology, the advanced engine control module delivers information to the helm, controls fuel and spark and drives our exclusive Engine Guardian engine protection system to help protect your engine and drive.

Saltwater can take its toll on marine propulsion systems. This is why the SeaCore™ system from MerCruiser® offers more than just improved corrosion resistance. It’s as close as a marine propulsion system can come to being corrosion-proof.

Product Details


  • ECM 555 fuel and ignition system along with platinum-tipped spark plugs ensure reliable starts and outstanding performance, year after year
  • Exclusive Engine Guardian protection senses potential problems and virtually eliminates the chance for engine damage due to overheating, low oil pressure, or low drive lube
  • Dry-joint exhaust eliminates the chance for water to enter engine through leaky gaskets
  • Water-separating fuel filter helps protect fuel system and engine against damage
  • Proven GM cast iron block V6 power for years of reliable operation
  • EDP-coated exhaust elbows better resist high temperature and corrosion
  • Brass sea water pump housing improves life and better resists damage from running dry (Bravo models)


  • Multi-Port Fuel Injection provides easy starts, cold or hot, and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature, weather, or altitude for terrific performance in any environment
  • Two-piece, long-runner intake manifold design improves low and mid-range torque for better acceleration and handling heavy loads
  • HVS Ignition with knock control maximizes power and protects against low quality fuels
  • Standard anti-feedback power steering helps reduces operator fatigue and makes boat handling a breeze
  • Low restriction flame arrestor for added horsepower and torque


  • 3-year/300 hour maintenance interval on many periodic service items saves time and money
  • Convenient top-mounted remote oil filter and threaded dipstick tube make oil changes cleaner and keep periodic servicing quick and simple
  • Color-coded service points makes checking fluid levels simple and straightforward
  • Operates on easy to find, less expensive 87 octane fuel
  • Engine-mounted drive lube monitor for easy lube check or add from inside the boat
  • All models come with simple to use water drain systems designed for many boat applications


  • MerCathode galvanic corrosion prevention system standard on Bravo models, available on Alpha models, offers unmatched active electronic corrosion protection
  • MPI engines are designed to display engine information on your choice of analog or SmartCraft digitally-driven gages and displays.





Standard Limited Warranty: 3 years

Recommended Sterndrive Models: SeaCore Bravo 1,2&3

Recommended Transom Models: SeaCore Bravo

Fresh Water Cooling: Standard

DTS is only available on Bravo Models

SeaCore Models receive a standard four-year limited corrosion warranty. Other models receive a standard three-year limited corrosion warranty.

Information may vary with application. All specifications listed are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.