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6 Mistakes You want to avoid With Your Outboard Motor

When you’re out on the water skiing, fishing, or just cruising in your boat on a beautiful day, the last thing you’re worried about is a breakdown. This is especially true if you’ve been diligent about maintaining it. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who make mistakes that will eventually harm their engines and result in costly repair bills. Here at PowerHouse Marina, we want you to continue enjoying your time on the water, without the hassle of frequent repairs. So here is a list of mistakes you need to avoid where your outboard motor is concerned:

· Disregarding strange motor odors – familiarize yourself with the smells of a healthy motor. That way, you’ll know when something isn’t right. If it smells like burnt oil, burnt rubber, or even has a sweet-smelling aroma, you should have an outboard specialist check it out as soon as possible.

· Forgetting to flush the motor – doing this after a day on the water is imperative. If you neglect to flush out your motor, it may not cause an issue immediately, but over time, you will have problems. Eventually, the accumulation of grease and grime will damage your motor to the extent that replacement will be inevitable.

· Forgetting to put the thrust bearing back on – when replacing the propeller, you have to do this. If you forget to put the thrust bearing back in place it will cause some major problems such as grinding into the gearcase.

· Forgetting to read your owner’s manual – you might think this is a no-brainer but you’d be shocked to find out how many individuals fail to read their owner’s manual and familiarize themselves with their motor. This is an important part to maintain your boat properly.

· Neglecting corrosion – this is an extremely serious issue that you want to prevent. If the pain on your outboard is blistering or bubbling, that’s a sure sign of corrosion. If you take your boat in saltwater, be sure flush and rinse your engine afterwards. Apply corrosion inhibitor to displace water and leave a protective coating in place.

· Purchasing cheap fuel and oil – purchasing the right fuel will ensure that your motor keeps operating and performing properly. Avoid the cheaper fuel options because they’re extremely inefficient and could eventually harm your motor. The same holds true with the oil you use. Remember, you get out of your motor what you put into it.

We hope these tips are informative and help you avoid costly repairs. However, if you still need to get it repaired, only visit authorized service stations. For additional information regarding outboard motor care and maintenance, contact PowerHouse Marina today.

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