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Advantages of using a Fuel Stabilizer

As avid boaters, we are driven to protect them, especially when it comes to the motor and ensuring that it’s running in optimal condition. The best way to accomplish this is by using a fuel stabilizer. A fuel stabilizer is a fluid that prevents chemical breakdowns and unstable reactions in petroleum fuels. It treats the quality of the fuel and ensures the optimal performance of the motor. For those boaters whose fuel sits a little longer because they don’t get out on the water as often as they would like, fuel stabilizer may seem to be more important. However, every boater should realize the importance of it.

How do Fuel Stabilizers work?

Although there numerous brands and types of fuel stabilizers available on the market today, they all have the same basic purpose – to prevent chain reactions from occurring in motor fuels. While they won’t turn spoiled fuel into good, usable fuel, they help to preserve the life of the fuel in your tank. Delicate fuel system and motor components such as carburetors, injectors, lines, and pumps can easily get corroded, clogged, or damaged in other ways by a bad tank of gas. Fuel stabilizers prevent all of these.

Over time, heat, light, oxygen, and water can speed up the process of deterioration and cause gas to go bad. Of those elements, water can be the most damaging, especially saltwater. Adding fuel stabilizer to your gas helps to eliminate water damage to a boat motor and prevent any further damage from occurring. Keep in mind that fuel stabilizers are preventative treatments and prevent the chemical reactions caused by instability from getting started. However, fuel stabilizers will not take bad marine fuel or phase-separated ethanol and make it usable.

How can You be sure You’re using a good Fuel Stabilizer?

There are literally dozens of brands of fuel stabilizers available on the market today and while everyone claims to be the best, you could compare some of them to “snake oil.” However, there are certain qualities or signs to look for that will increase your chances of buying a quality product that works as advertised, including these 4:

  • Do the claims made about the product appear to be reasonable?

  • Does the treatment rate seem reasonable?

  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?

  • How long have they been manufacturing their product?

To learn more about fuel stabilizers as well as the importance of using them and their benefits, contact Miami Marina at (305) 892-2628 today or you can send us a message at Additionally, if you need any assistance with your boat maintenance, we are here to assist you. Call us now!

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