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Are Electric Boats the Future of Marine Recreation?

Historically, the boating industry has always been a step behind the auto industry because of batteries and that run at a lower horsepower. Fear not boating enthusiasts. You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Electric boats now run faster with smaller batteries and produce zero emissions. At one time, they were only useful for cruising. But now, their batteries last a lot longer and they have considerably more power. Furthermore, many celebrities including Drake and Robert de Niro are embracing electric boating.

Choosing an Electric Boat that’s Right for You

When you’re shopping for an electric boat, we recommend you choose a hull design that meets your individual needs and requirements for being on the water. While some electric boats are better suited for flatter, inland waterways, others can handle harsher conditions and heavier seas. Electric boats are by no means a new concept. They’ve been around for decades. Powerhouse Marina has experience with nearly every electric boat on the market today. Keep that in mind when docking and storing your new electric boat.

5 Reasons Electric Boats are good for the Environment

Boating enthusiasts and other individuals should be able to enjoy our waterways as well as the diverse variety of wildlife that calls certain areas home. The rise in electric boats can significantly improve the water quality that we play and work in. Here 5 reasons why electric boats are good for our environment:

· Energy efficiency – today’s electric boats use the latest hydrodynamic modeling and technology to ensure that hull form and power distribution are as energy-efficient as possible and keep energy waste to a minimum.

· Green energy – electric boats are powered by clean, green energy. By being charged directly from the grid, electric boats are powered by renewable electricity, thereby making them eco-friendly.

· Little if any noise pollution – electric boats are very quiet and cause a minimum disturbance to the local wildlife. It’s well known that the noise generated by diesel and gasoline engines has a detrimental impact on the native wildlife.

· No water pollution – another key benefit of electric boats is that they don’t require fuels and oils. Therefore, they are less likely to pollute the water and endanger the many species of wildlife as well as their habitat.

· Zero emissions – probably the most significant benefit of electric boats is that they operate using emission-free propulsion. This means that toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, and other particulate matter aren’t being released into the environment.

For additional information regarding electric boats, contact Powerhouse Marina today at (305) 858-3155.

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