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How to Avoid Overheating a Boat?

All boats work and sail thanks to a powerful engine that requires many types of preventive care, even though a boat’s engine is made of strong parts and components, it could present many problems and trouble if you don’t take care of it properly.

It is easy to avoid and prevent any possible trouble that your boat could have, but many people do not know what to do to avoid overheating in the boat.

Overheating is commonly caused by the lack of refrigeration in the engine of any kind of vehicle, including boats. Keeping in mind this, it is obvious that the most efficient solution for overheating is making sure that the refrigeration system is always working correctly.

How to Maintain the Refrigeration System?

The difference between a car’s refrigeration system and a boat’s refrigeration system is that boat works with water, this way, the engine’s integrity is not jeopardized by the presence of water into important parts.

As the refrigeration system is water-based, the intake pumps must be always correctly working, if not, then that could be the cause of overheating. Remember that when you are out there on the sea, many kinds of sea garbage could easily be pumped into the hull by the intake pump. The seaweed or the pieces of junk may get stuck in the pump, which will cause the water to stop flowing and hence, not refrigerating the engine.

Now and then, check the intake pump, clean it, and throw away any kind of junk that could obstruct it. Try to keep clean all the parts and pieces involved in the process of in-pumping.

However, giving the proper maintenance to a boat is no easy task, and we should ask for help from professionals in taking care of boats.

What Can an Engine Overheat Do to the Engine of Your Boat?

If you do not take measures to protect your boat and there is an overheating, this can result in many of the next failures in your boat:

  • Broken thermostat.

  • Metal-to-metal grinding.

  • Permanent injures to the boat engine.

  • Oil evaporation.

If you notice that the temperature of the engine is going up quickly, the first thing you should do is turn off the engine inmediately. By turning off the engine as soon as possible, you minimize the chances of your engine suffering any permanent damages.

Repairing the engine of a boat is not cheap, and buying a new one is even more expensive. Do everything in your hands to avoid an engine overheat, and use only the best spare parts for your ship.

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