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How to Clean Properly Your Boat’s Engine?

Your boat’s engine room is a very important area that you should regularly clean, there are where most of the most important parts that allow the boat to move fast are. However, many people do not know how to clean the engine room, even if it is only a very superficial cleaning work.

Cleaning outboard motors is also a hard task for those who have not ever done this task.

Even though outboard motors and boat engines do a similar task and most of the cleaning work could be practically the same in both of them, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when cleaning them.

How to Clean an Engine Room?

Engine rooms are usually hidden in the inner areas of a really big ship, so it requires that you go there where they are to check them. Any time that you try to go out to the sea, be sure to always check the engine by taking a slow and detailed look at it. If there is any kind of corrosion or extreme filthiness, you will be able to notice them quickly and act in consequence.

You will need certain items like towels, sponges, water, and liquid soap. There are many other pieces of equipment that you could use, but using just these you will be able to do very good cleaning work.

Grease is very easy to clean. Use a solution of water mixed with the liquid soap to spray all the area and then clean it using a sponge or a towel. Try to pass the sponge with more strength when you are cleaning the most affected areas.

After that, cleaning the rest of the engine room is an easy take. Repeat the process with the rest of the machinery, and do not forget to dry with the towels all the wet areas.

You should also make sure that any parts of the engine are not broken or obstructed. If the intake water pump was obstructed by any sea garbage that got stuck in it, there may be a high risk of the engine overheating.

How to Keep Clean Outboard Motors?

Outboard motors are easier to clean than engine rooms, and it takes a similar process to do it. Outboard motors have a cover that you need to take off to see check the state of the engine and its parts.

You should be able to easily notice every possible broken piece or any part that could be not working correctly. If that is the case, then you need to buy a spare part for the broken piece. After that, all you have to do is cleaning the motor with a solution of water mixed with liquid soap to completely degrease it using a sponge.

When the motor is completely degreased, dry it with a towel and put the cover back on.

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