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Is the Popularity of Electric Boats Increasing?

Being environmentally friendly has always been a deeply rooted component of the boating lifestyle. As boaters, we have a special appreciation of our ecosystem and the natural aquatic environment within it. Add to that the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic caused boat purchases to spike dramatically and the result is an increased demand for electric boats. Therefore, to answer the question “Is the popularity of electric boats increasing?”, we would have to say YES!

What Exactly are Electric Boats?

As the name implies, electric boats are powered by electric motors. Some even use renewable energy sources such as solar panels, towed generators, and wind turbines. In years gone by, we saw some reluctance on the behalf of many boaters because the advantage of range is on the side of diesel and gasoline engines. However, this has been changing thanks to technologies that have become more efficient such as power storage as well as solar panels and wind turbines.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages to going electric, but there are also some disadvantages. However, with ongoing technological improvements, the disadvantages have slowly but surely started to decrease. So let’s see how apples compare to apples:

Advantages of electric motors:

  • electric motors are becoming more affordable

  • electric motors are environmentally-friendly

  • lake communities prefer them because of their cleaner and quieter operation

  • there’s no need to change the oil, check the fuel tank, or winterize the motor means easier preventative maintenance

  • you’ll enjoy quieter fishing without disturbing the wildlife or scaring off the fish

Disadvantages of electric motors:

  • diesel and gasoline engines are more powerful

  • diesel and gasoline engines do better on larger, choppier bodies of water

  • replacement parts can be more difficult to locate, but you can expect that to improve in the near future

  • there are fewer mechanics with electric motor repair experience, but this will improve in the future also as the popularity of electric boats continues to grow

As it currently stands, there are over 100 electric boat and ship manufacturers and that number is growing significantly. Manufacturers realize that this is the future and they’re jumping on the bandwagon so they don’t boat (pun intended). Thus, with changing times, innovative and clean energy resources would be trending.

Will we ever see the cost of these vessels start to decrease? Yes, and significantly at that. So, what will make this happen? Cheaper electricity, consumer demand, and the harvesting of sun, water, and wind energy.

However, if there are any issues with boat motors or other boat parts that you need or for more information, call Powerhouse Marina at (305) 892-2628.

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