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Protecting Your Boat from Damage During Hurricane Season

In order to prevent severe storm damage, most boat owners know to secure their boats when a hurricane has been forecast. Damaging waves and extremely high winds along with powerful surges and torrential rain are common occurrences during a hurricane or tropical storm. That’s why it’s important to develop a protection strategy ahead of time. Here are some precautions to take depending on how you store your boat.

If your boat is blocked on land or stored on a trailer:

  • Be sure the bow is elevated and the hull drain plug has been removed.

  • Create a path that enables rainwater to drain out of the hull. Be sure you’ve removed all loose items from the bilge and cockpit beforehand.

  • Install a custom storage or tight-fitting mooring cover to protect the interior.

  • Make sure the batteries have been fully charged and the bilge pump is operating properly.

  • Remove all electronics and personal items.

  • Take down all Bimini tops, canvas, or isinglass (they can take the place of sails).

  • Take out your ownership documents and store them in a safe place.

  • To ensure that your boat is protected from high winds and moving water, tie it and/or its trailer to the ground.

If your boat is stored on the water:

  • Follow all of the above steps.

  • Ask the marina manager or owner if they’ll allow you to plug the boat into a power source during the storm. If this isn’t allowed, make sure you have fully charged the batteries and the auto-float switch of the bilge pump works properly.

  • Having additional bumpers and spring lines is also recommended to prevent damage to the boat.

  • Inspect all knots and lines. Replace those that are showing signs of wear or are too short. Make sure to use three times the amount of line that you normally would and leave plenty of slack to accommodate the extra pull caused by the storm surge.

  • Storing your boat on a lift is taboo during a hurricane or tropical storm. If possible, store your boat on land. If you can’t, follow all of the above steps.

If you have enough time before the storm hits to move your boat, the best way to keep it safe is to remove it from the path of the storm. If there is sufficient time to do that, talk to the management team at the marina and ask for their advice.

To learn more about securing your boat and protecting it during a hurricane, contact Power House Marina at 305-892-2628 or e-mail us at Our business representatives are available to take your questions and provide you with more information.

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