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Some Tips to Make Your Boating Easier With Your Pets

Anytime you go on-the-water, you need to take care of your safety and do everything in your hands to avoid running aground or getting into a terrible accident. In case you are going with your pets in your boat, that is something you need to have in mind too.

In this article, we will talk about some pieces of advice you can take to have a fun and safe time with your pets onboard. Whenever you choose to go with your pets onboard, always make sure you remember these tips:

Does Your Pet Have a Place to Be to Stay Away From the Sun?

Pets are unable to regulate their core body temperature in the same way we are capable. You need to make sure that your pets are always hydrated and never overheat. You should always keep fresh drinking water on board in a covered site so whenever they need to stay away from the sun, they have a place to go.

Is Your Deck too Hot?

You should always maintain your deck cool. In case your deck is hot, this can be harmful to your pet’s paw pads. For this reason, corroborate that there is always a cool surface accessible for your pets so their paw pads are not harmed. Have this in mind: if your deck is too hot for you to walk shoeless, then it is too hot for your pate too.

Does Your Pet Have its Flotation Device?

We highly recommend you have your pet fitted for a PFD, so they can stay safe the same way that you are. Regardless of whether your pet is a capable swimmer, remember that there are factors that can have a strong influence such as panic and weariness that can undermine your pet’s abilities to swim. This is why we stress that your pet should have its flotation device.

Pets Also Get Seasick!

If it is your first time bringing your pet on board, then you should acknowledge that pets also get seasick. You should consult with your vet about what the best medicine for motion sickness is for your little friend so you can take it onboard just in case something happens.

Get Some Water Training

If your pet does not have water training, then you should begin it as soon as possible. You and your pet need the necessary training to get used to your high-performance boat. Your pet also needs to respond properly to some safety commands, which will make your cruising smoother.

Make Access Easy

You should make sure that your access is easy. In case that you have a pet that requires additional steps on the deck, then make certain that it has it. Generally, accidents occur in cases where the boat is either docked or anchored. Confirm that your pet can get on and off your boat in an easy way. Also, make sure that it won’t slip in case your boat is moving through the water.

Make Sure Your High-Performance Boat is in the Best Conditions

Your boat should be in proper circumstances, although this is a must whether you are underway with your pet or not.

Always make sure that there are not damaged parts and that everything is in top-notch conditions. In case that you require new Volvo Penta or MerCruiser parts for your high-performance boat, you can always count on us for high-quality boat parts.

We are Power House Marina, the #1 dealer of Volvo Penta in the United States. We have more than three decades active and are certified, ready to answer all your questions and offer you the best services and boat parts if you call us today at 305-892-2628.

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