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The 3 Key Benefits of Owning a Boat

At 18 years of age, Ralph Samuelson had no idea how popular water skiing would become when he invented it in the early 1920s. However, the amount of fun that he had is just one of several benefits of boating and owning your vessel today. Stress is detrimental to our bodies both physically and psychologically. Boat ownership is a great way to alleviate stress and reap the following benefits as well:

You’ll have a more active lifestyle – an online survey involving more than 1,000 men and women revealed that a boater’s weekly active recreation levels were 2 hours longer than those who didn’t own a boat. Furthermore, the study also showed that there was a higher level of hospitalizations among non-boaters compared to those who were active and owned boats. Keep in mind that boating is a physical hobby. Even if you just walk from your vehicle to where your boat is docked, you’re still getting more exercise than just sitting on the couch watching TV at home.

You’ll improve your quality of life – the physical activity involved with boating can improve your quality of life. However, that’s not the only health benefit that you’ll have when boating. Staying at home all the time can wear you down physically as well as psychologically. People who are always indoors often develop Vitamin D deficiencies which can lead to bone and muscle pain. When you’re enjoying a day out on the water, just imagine how much FREE Vitamin D you’re getting. Plus, exposure to sunlight improves your serotonin levels. This helps to calm you down and improve your mood.

You’ll tell some interesting stories, depending on your boating experiences – boating packs a person’s life full of experiences that they can’t enjoy by staying at home all the time. Besides that, the time spent with family members and friends is more enjoyable than sitting home alone. In addition to this, having fun and laughing brings you joy and helps to reduce stress better than any medicine can. While many of us have seen boating videos, nothing compares to experiencing how you feel while being out on the water.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to owning a boat. These include diminishing pain levels, lowering your blood pressure, reducing anxiety and depression issues, and warding off anxiety and depression.

However, buying a boat is an important decision and requires time and research to find the right one. To learn more about the joys of boating and owning a boat, call Powerhouse Marina today at (305) 892-2628 or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail by clicking here.

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