350 MPI Horizon Inboard- Down Angle Engine Only. 300 HP @ 4800 RPM.350 Cubic Inch Motor Fully Dressed marine Engine. Engine Features 100% New Quicksilver : Cast Iron Engine Block, Closed Cooled engine block& Exhaust Manifold, Flush System, Special Flame Graphics, Multi - Port Fuel Injection Using Cool Fuel II, Dry Joint Exhaust, Roller Camshaft, Quicksilver cast iron Cylinder heads featuring Black- X Valve Tech, 1.5:1 Stamped steel rocker arms, ECM555, Engine Guardian, SmartCraft Ready, Mechanical Thorttle and Shift, Premium Dual - Stage Driveplate, Inboard High- Mount Starter, and 10-Pin harness.

350 MPI Horizon Inboard - Down Angle Engine Only

SKU: 8M0136296