315 HP @ 5200 RPM - Standard / Left-Hand rotation. Brand New 350 cubic inch FULLY dressed marine engine with Velvet Drive 71c assembly. Engine Features: New quicksilver 4.00"bore V8 iron block, new nodular iron 3.48" stroke crankshaft , Multi-Port Fuel Injection using Cool Fuel 3, Dry Joint Ski Exhaust facing the flyheel, 75mm TBU . 2- Piece aluminum intake manifold with iron base, new fuel injector & rail assembly . new sensors, new HVS assembly , serpentine belt acessory drive system ,high-lift billet steel roller camshaft,raw water cooling, hand removeable blue drain plugs, new Quicksilver high flow iron cylinder heads with screw-in rocker studs,9.4:1 pistons, and 1.5:1 rocker arms. Includea marine drafe: starter. 65 amp alternator,oil pan , sea pump, flame arrestor, circulating water pump, spark plugs and wires. the 350 MPI tow uses ECM555 with engine guadian and is SmartCraft ready  using a 14-pin harness. Custom Blue Flame hand air brushed engine cover included. New Velvet Drive 71c 1.00:1 gear ratio housing transmission with mounts, cooler, shift bracket, hoses, fluid filled, and 3' output flange.



350 MPI TOW SPORT - Engine & Inline Transmission Assembly

SKU: 8M0124110