357 Horizon Inboard - Down Angle Engine Only. 

310 HP @ 4800 RPM. 357 Cubic Inch Motor Fully Dressed Marine Engine.

Engine Features: 

Closed Cooled Engine Block & Exhaust Manifolds, Flush System , Speical Flame graphics, Multi- Port Fuel injection using Cool Fuel II, Dry Joint Exhaust, Roller Camshaft, Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Heads, Stainless Steel valvesm 1.6:1 Roller Rocker Arms, ECM555, Engine Guardian, Smartcraft Ready , Mechanical Throttle and Shift Premium Duel Stage Driveplate, Inboard High- Mount Starter, and 10-Pin Harness. Runs on 87 Octane.


Note: Dealer must change driveplate if used with in-line transmissions.

310HP remanufactured inboard engine

Replaces all Standard (LH) rotation 5.7L, 6.0L, & 6.2L inboard engines.

357 Horizon Inboard - Down Angle Engine Only

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