383 MAG Inboard 4V - Opposite (RH) Rotation - Engine Only.

340 HP@ 5000 RPM 383 Cubic Inch Motor Fully Dressed Inboard Engine.

Engine Features:

Speical Flame Graphics, New 750 cfm 4bbl Carburetor, Dry Joint Exhaust 100 PSI Oil Pump, 4340 Steel Stroker Crankshaft, 4 Bolt Mains, High-Lift Billet Steel Camshaft, 1.6:1 roller rocker arms, Vortec 062 Casting Cylinder Heads Machines with Rocker Studs, Stainless Steel Valves, 9.0:1 Hypereutectic Pistons, Oil Cooler, Thundervolt V ignition with knock control, Raw Water Cooling, Inboard High-Mount Starter, Plastisol-Coated Oil Pan, 10-Pin harness, Runs on 87 Octane Fuel.

Equipped with Single-Stage Spring Driveplate for most types of transmissions.


340HP Remanufactures Inboard Engine

Replaces all makes of Opposite (RH) Rotation 5.7L, & 7.4L Carbureted Inboard engines.

383 Mag Inboard 4V - Engine Only Opposite (RH) Rotation

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