383 MAG Stoker Bravo Sterndrive Engine Only. 

350 HP @ 2500 RPM, 383 Cubic Inch Stoker Fully Dressed Marine Engine.

Engine Features:

Special Flame Graphics, Multi- Port Fuel Injection Using Cool Fuel II, Dry Joint Exhaust, 100 PSI Oil Pump, 4340 Forges Steel Crankshaft, High-Lift Biller Steel Camshaft, Vortec Cast Iron Cylinder Heads, Stainless Steel Valves, 9.0:1 hypereutectic Pistons and 1.6:1 Roller Rocker Arms, It uses ECM555 with Engine Guardian and is SmartCraft ready , 10-Pin Harness . Runs on 87 Octane fuel.


350HP remanufactured stendrive engine

Replaces 350 MAG, 6.2L MPI, 7.4L, & 7.4L MPI sterndrive engines

383 MAG Stroker - Engine Only

SKU: 865108R80