8.1 L Down-Angle Inboard Engine Only

370 HP @ 4600 RPM. 8.1 L Fully Dressed Marine Engine.

Engine Features 100% New Quicksilver:

Heavy Duty Iron Block with Splayed 4- bolt Main Bearing caps, Priority main Oiling System , 8.6:1 Hypereutectic Pistons, Roller Camshaft , 1.7:1 Rocker arms, Forged Steel Crankshaft, Quicksilver Iron Cylinder Heads featuring Black - X Valve Tech, Multi- Port Fuel Injection using Cool Fuel 3, Closed Cooling, Dry joint Exhaust,316 Stainless Steel Exhaust Elbows +2" Riser, PCM555 Engine Guardian , SmartCraft Ready , Mechanical Thorttle and shift, Serpentine Accesorry Drive, Oil Cooler, Inboard High-Mount Starter,  14-Pin Harness Runs on 87 Octane Fuel & mates to Smart Craft Transom. 


Note: Engine is not equipped with a decorative plastic engine cover and old cover can be transferred from an older ending or simply left off.


Note: Because this is a completely new engine and not a major repower assembly , the old engine being replaced is to be returned per EPA 1068.240


370 HP 100% New Quicksilver Inboard Engine.

Replaces all makes of big block and LS Inboard engines:

6.0L, 6.2L, 7.4L, 454, 8.1L, & 502.

8.1L Horizon Inboard -Down Angle Engine Only

SKU: 8M0173773