Bravo - Three X (SeaCore)

1.81 ratio



Bravo - Three X (SeaCore)

2.00 ratio



Bravo - Three X (SeaCore)

2.20 ratio



Bravo Three®
The Ultimate In Efficiency And Agile Handling
Featuring dual contra-rotating propellers, the Bravo Three® gives you great steering control in the marina and incredible performance on open water.

The extra blade on the propellers lets your boat plane-off at a lower speed for optimal fuel efficiency.

Efficient design for minimal bow rise.

Advanced acceleration for better forward visibility.

Single/twin applications up to 65 mph, gas engines up to 525hp or diesel engines up to 370hp. Acceleration, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Bravo Three, Bravo Three X®, Bravo Three XR for gas stendrives; Bravo Three X Diesel and Bravo Three XR Diesel for diesel engines.

Bravo Three X (SEACORE)